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Note: This trip is only available for the following cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, new York, Dallas, Minneapolis, Vancouver and Toronto. If you would like to depart from a different city, please Contact Us

  1. International and Asian domestic airfares. *Based on select US and Canadian Cities for departure to Nepal.
  2. 2 or 3 meals per day.
  3. All hotels and guest houses throughout itinerary.
  4. All transport (skytrain, minibus, bus, taxi and domestic airfares).
  5. Airport transfer to and from international airport.
  6. All in-country transportation is included.


  1. Full Medical coverage is required for all travelers. We offer insurance or send us proof of insurance.
  2. Final deadlines for posted rates are up 6 weeks before commencement of travel. A late registration fee applies for travels commencing in less than 6 weeks.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel any itinerary where we don’t meet the minimum number of travelers, which is usually 4-6.
  4. Consumption of drugs or alcohol intoxication is grounds for dismissal from the trip. There are times during the itineraries where alcohol may be consumed, but not during the entire itinerary out of respect for the organizations we partner with.


  1. Optional Excursions or extended stays (we can help you plan them!)
  2. Passport and visa fees, if applicable
  3. Excess baggage charges which may be levied by airlines
  4. Meals and beverages other than those included/provided
  5. Personal purchases or expenses (eg. laundry, gifts)
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Travelers have to be 18 years of age to partake in our trips. Exceptions apply to travelers under the age of 18 when traveling with a parent or as part of a school trip.

- We collect copies of all passports, medical and travel insurance, emergency contact information, and dietary and medical requirements well in advance of the trip.
- Emergency communication is available 24 hours a day between our in-country team and our headquarters.
- Purified bottled water is available at all times and all food is prepared by cooks who are trained in proper food preparation. Our teams stay at same locations visit after visit. This way we get the same food and service each time we go.
- All transportation is run by our trusted private transportation providers.
- Participants are not encouraged to wander on their own outside accommodation premises.
- Trip leaders have years of extensive travel experience and training. Leaders provide daily guidance and briefings to team members to keep them safe.
- BLT keeps abreast pre-trip of travel advisories from both the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The 15% down payment is refundable for 48 hours, and final payments are refundable in full up to 90 days in advance of travel. Finalized airline tickets are purchased soon after payment is received. This makes it impossible to refund the money closer to departure dates.

While vaccinations may not be necessary, we recommend double-checking this with a medical professional such as your GP or a travel doctor in regards to the specific country you are travelling to. Also, making an appointment with a medical professional for a basic health check-up at least eight weeks before you depart is recommended.

Most phones will work as long as it is not locked to a network in your home country. If so, remember to get it unlocked before you leave, that way when you reach your destination, you can get a sim-card and use their local network. Check with your provider as far as expenses go for using phone overseas.

This is really a personal decision. You may want money for extra food at airports etc. On top of that there will be opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs for yourself and family members. We always recommend to bring U.S. currency as it is welcomed everywhere.

Please let us know upon booking what your needs are. We will try our best to provide options that are suitable for your requirements.

No cash gifts should ever be given directly. If you are wanting to bring something, please speak to our office before purchasing something to bring.